How to personalize your camera strap

You should have seen my old camera strap. It was a little over two years old at this point and all of the grippy stuff on the bottom was completely gone. Zero padding. Completely un-professional looking. Just YUCK!

So I started browsing for a new one. There are the standard replacements: plain black or the (slightly more expensive)┬áblack with the word NIKON. And then there are the ones with compartments and the “sling” look (SOOO does not look comfortable with any bra I’ve ever worn & $60?).

That’s when I stumbled across HighKey. Tons of beautiful straps in-stock and then… what? Designed-by-You???? Check :D

To create my design I looked at a lot of belts. My final inspiration came from this one by Louis Vuitton.

I loved the simple, classy, repeating pattern. I made it my own by incorporating my signature green, my logo (instead of a belt buckle), and my website. The logo and website are positioned in such a way that they can be easily viewed when the strap is hanging off my shoulder.

And the final product is GORGEOUS! It’s comfy, doubly functional as a strap and an advertisement wherever I take my camera, and it’s just plain PRETTY!

Note: the site says it take 4-5 weeks to get a custom strap and that estimate is about 2 or 3 weeks shy of the truth but totally worth the wait.