Evernote & Wine

My relationship with alcohol is a funny one. I HATE BEER. It smells bad. Scratch that. It smells GROSS. I like whiskey :) and other hard liquors. I like the art of mixology.

Wine, however, is a grey area.

I drank a few glasses of wine back in middle school. I was in Bordeaux doing a student exchange. It was pretty tasty, as I remember. But then I took a decade-long abstinence from the stuff.

  • Reason #1: in the US you need to be 21 to drink
  • Reason #2: an experience in college convinced me I wasn’t a fan. (READ:¬†wine in a box = ew)

That’s about when I started dating a California boy …and I was introduced to Pinot Noir :)

After a couple months of gingerly dipping my toes in the world of vino (and realizing I quite liked certain varieties) I decided to jump head first. I’m not saying I want to become a sommelier or anything, just educated enough to run with the likes of Lindsay Lohan’s character in The Parent Trap. One way I’m doing this is by keeping a wine journal via the program Evernote.

Evernote is this awesome little program ¬†that acts like a virtual scrapbook. You can pull in links and images, and make notes on what you’ve seen or read or learned. It keeps all of your notes organized by topic and date. You can even conduct a search on the text IN IMAGES.

For each bottle of wine I drink, I record the variety, year, where it’s from, who I drank it with, and where I got it. Then I make observations about the color, taste, and smell. For each entry, I also include a photo, which is the part I’ve recently been having the most fun with: